To us, Christmas is not a time or a season. To us, Christmas is the highlight of the Lois sentiment living all year round. This year, as the world has cradled its collective hopes and dreams, we choose to act upon our sentiment with the aim to infuse the holidays with a deeper, more meaningful connection of, love. Our ‘Let There Be Love’ campaign contributes to a world where honesty, safety and equality is inclusive for everyone.

To do so, we are raising money which will all be donated directly to like–minded charity OXFAM Novib. May our collective commitment to love make the world a better place, one heart at a time. All donations, big or small, will have a positive impact upon this mission. 

Inspired by our heritage, this crafted Christmas card portrays the sentiment we hold dear. Let there be love. Any kind of love. Love in all we give. Love in all we receive. Love in all we act. Just love, without the limitation of any kind of border. Share the love and purchase this crafted card in our Galerías in Amsterdam, Milan and Oslo. All proceeds will be donated to the charity.



All proceeds will go to like–minded charity organization Oxfam Novib. OXFAM Novib supports the people who stand up for their key values:

Equality can only exist if everyone has equal opportunities regardless of gender, sexual orientation, color, age, religion and physical or mental capabilities.

Disasters often hit the most vulnerable people the hardest. In life-threatening situations, everyone has an equal right to emergency assistance, anywhere in the world.

Unfair systems widen the gap between rich and poor. OXFAM Novib fights together with courageous people worldwide to change those systems. Together they stand up for a world in which prosperity is equally distributed.Click the button below to make your donation and contribute to our collective commitment to ‘Let There Be Love’